JSR-Energy Resource

My team and I have been working from home for almost two years now and until we began using RTC Tracking (rtctracking.com), I had no visibility into what each of my team members were working on each day.  With this application, not only can you see exactly what each person is working on at any moment in time, but I can also see progress-to-date and deliverables.  Additionally, for them, timesheets can be generated from the application, so no more guessing as to what they spent their time on each month, it’s all in the application.  This application is a game changer for employees working from home. Work assignments are sent, agreed to and work/deliverables are tracked directly in the application. All I can say is “Wow!”  The monthly application fee is easily offset by the time savings in tracking work as it is assigned, performed and completed!

PMM – Space Systems

Consultants have been a big part of my engineering business. On average I have 5 consultants working on anyone project at a time.  I always had trouble managing their work performance and controlling monthly billable time.  RTC (www.rtctracking.com) made managing the consultants very simple. RTC allows for management of all consultants, at once, from my computer. I can see when they are working, what is being worked 24/7, and how much of the budget remains. Truly a nice program.

Sajid Shah

RTC has helped me as a freelance developer to see my tasks more organise and tracking a lot easy. Charging on hourly basis requires break down of all time that is spent on a single task. RTC has helped me to make it a breeze. I don’t need to worry about sending emails about my task updates, or creating invoices or keeping track of my payments. RTC keeps everything at one place and all I have to do is keep using it.

RTC feels like an assistant, who does all the misc work so I can focus on one thing that is building softwares.