Our Time Tracking Features

RTC supports the real-time, full management of expectations with the highest degree of transparency. The RTC software incorporates many invaluable features to assist in your management efforts by allowing 24/7 oversight of all work being performed along with financial oversight of every assigned task.

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Enhanced Communication

RTC Tracking & Management (RTC) helps you manage your consultants, including their billable time, effort and results, and brings effectiveness and efficiency into the world of consulting. No longer will billable time be classified as “sundry matters”.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Typically, when you hire a consultant to accomplish various tasks you have no idea what’s being done, when it’s getting done, or what you’re ultimately being charged. With the transparency of real-time tracking, you’re able to consistently maintain knowledge of the status and quality of all work. If you feel that the work is poor or deficient, you have the ability to stop or reject it immediately with the simple click of a button.

The Remote Monitoring function allows users to view a timer to determine if your consultant is actually working on and supporting your project efficiently. If no work is being done you’re able to prompt the client to begin. This function is extremely effective for meeting critical deadlines since remote monitoring and management can be done from around the world.

Better Consultant Protection

Consultants can utilize the Approval function of RTC to avoid the risk of clients refusing to pay for rendered services. The Approval function confirms acceptance of each task as well as that of final project completion. No longer will consultants need to worry about being told that the work was “never approved” or that “the invoice is too costly”. RTC keeps track of all client approvals. This protects the consultant from dishonest clients.

Improved Transparency

RTC’s transparency provides all parties with a means of prompt resolution since every transaction is recorded, approved, and confirmed through deliverables exchanged between consultant and client. Should a dispute arise, such as an accusation of a breach of contract, the files automatically saved within the software can be easily obtained and utilized to remedy the situation.

With a clear vision of what is – or is not – being done at all times, there will never again be any surprises.

Project Management

As task-oriented software, each task of your project can be inserted into the RTC software, keeping track of which personnel are managing those tasks. This real-time collaboration allows for proactive team-management as each task has a specific pre-assigned number of performance hours and defined deliverables.

That means no surprises during staff meetings related to what your team or consultants failed to deliver. RTC prevents these types of failures because it tracks and controls the added scope of the work through the use of its time task-manager and approval process.


RTC subscribers are granted a secure experience since all data, emails, documents, and other forms of electronic communication are encrypted and therefore further protected from cyber thieves and hackers.

Consultant and Company, Both Have Transparency with RTC

RTC has been universally developed to assist all industries that utilize consultants in support of achieving daily objectives. U.S. Government contractors, and commercial prime- and sub-contractors throughout the world are currently using RTC. Additionally, RTC is the perfect software program for state governments, small companies, large corporations and many more businesses including manufacturing, service industries and more.


When determining whether or not RTC can protect your company’s interests, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have 100% insight into the daily activities of your consultant(s)?
  • Do you know the exact origin of all charges?
  • Can you be sure that the work product is sufficient and on point?
  • Can you manage projects in real-time on a task-order basis?
  • Can you obtain status reports in one simple click?
  • Can you set budget limitations and controls?
  • Can you approve task orders prior to the beginning of work performance?
  • Can you watch the creation of deliverables in real-time?
  • Are your invoices automatically populated and sent?


Consultants need to be protected from clients/companies who are unwilling to pay for work that has been performed.

With RTC, consultants perform work that is pre-approved and then accepted by the client through a series of deliverables. Therefore, the client has no recourse to reject the work that has been performed.

All records related to the contract, such as approvals and deliverables, are maintained within the RTC software. With a simple click you’re able to obtain all reports.

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