Real-Time Tracking & Management (RTC) allows for corporate oversight of employees that want or need to work from remote locations.

With RTC, corporations can easily manage remote employees on a real-time interactive basis by merely setting up an RTC account. Once the account is activated by the corporation and employee, the corporation can monitor the remote employee in real-time 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Some of features include an interactive time clock, instant timesheets, instant messaging, proof of work performed, and much more.


Real-Time Tracking & Management (RTC) allows for off-site work performance from anywhere in the world.

You can go hiking and still be able to support your projects, or you can easily check on the performance of employees, or your boss can check on the work that you accomplished.

RTC lets the remote employee instantly report the work that is/was performed or allow the remote employee to assign tasks to other employees that are stuck at the office.


With RTC you no longer need a corporate onsite office. All you need is a comfortable sofa, a cold drink, and motivation to stay away from the refrigerator.

You can sign in to RTC and your boss can see a description of what you are working on, the time you have spent, and review work products that you upload into your instant RTC timesheet to verified work performed or to simply make sure the work you are doing is on point.

RTC breaks the norm that to be productive you need to be at work sitting in a small cubical. This is just not the case anymore. RTC allows workers to be creative and relaxed in their preferred environment.


With the advancements in technology we are no longer bound to our office chair. We can perform our tasks virtually anywhere by using our computers, cell phones, and IPads.

The one restriction that hinders most bosses from allowing remote work is the lack of oversight. RTC has removed this restriction and allows full transparency of the work being performed.

Now you can work from home and manage your family and workload with your boss being confident that you are doing your work. RTC allows for 100% transparency!


Most work environments offer no form of privacy when it comes to the sharing of office space, desks, chairs, bathrooms, and break areas.

RTC allows for social distancing which promote health, creates barriers to stop the spread of germs and other diseases that are commonly shared in the work place.

If you get sick you have the option to stay home and still be well connected to your team, projects, and other important matters. RTC offers instant messaging and 24/7 transparency to allow all those that are sick or those that don’t want to get sick to be a key contributor.

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