Real Time Tracking Management Software: The Consultant-Management Solution

One of the most difficult aspects of hiring a consultant is knowing exactly what to expect at all times. You want to know what they are working on, what results have been achieved, how much time the project will take, and how much it’s going to cost you. Essentially you want to know the answer to these questions at all times. This may have seemed impossible before, but with Real Time Tracking Management Software (RTC) you can now create and maintain accountability between a company and its consultants.

With RTC a company is able to see when and what a consultant is working on as well as the instant results of their efforts, all in real-time. This allows companies to retain managerial control over their consultants’ time, work efforts, and budgets. The software tracks all aspects of work performance through instant work approvals, and instant acceptance of work, while handling automatic billing and keeping historical records of work performed and accomplished.

This not only benefits the company, but the consultant as well. By having a record of approvals and steps that have been taken, it eliminates the risk of companies and clients refusing to accept work that was previously approved. It serves as evidence of what has transpired.

Signing up for RTC couldn’t be any simpler. To register, go to RTC’s landing page and click on the sign up icon. It will provide you with a form to create an account by filling in all appropriate information. Once that’s completed, all you need to do is click the submit button, fill out payment information and choose the number of consultants you are working with.

Once you have registered your company and your consultants, everyone will have access to a dashboard that can be used to create projects, assign consultants to them, and create reports. It also provides tutorials should there be any questions.

Above all, RTC helps to manage expectations fully, in real-time and with the utmost transparency. To accomplish this, it has many invaluable features including:

  • A real time performance clock that is visible to companies and consultants;
  • Instant performance validation;
  • Fixed budgeting;
  • Automatic time sheets and invoicing; and
  • Secure document storage

To learn more about the many ways in which RTC can help improve your company processes and positively transform your interactions, feel free to visit us online, email our support department at or call us directly at 607-754-2228.

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